Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker Teaser Trailer Breakdown!!!

Alright my awesome fellow Star Wars fans, I don’t know about you but damn yesterday’s teaser trailer has my mind freaking buzzing nonstop!!! There is just so much we’re given in this short two minute clip and I promised you that today we’d take a closer look at all the epic reveals and possible theories revolving around this finale of the Skywalker saga! Are you ready?! Let’s GO!!!

So first off, the title: The Rise of Skywalker!!! I mean how fitting is it that the saga will end with the name of it’s most influential and tumultuous family. Now, I’m not going to lie, my first instinctual gut-reaction to the title reveal was not the most positive. Perhaps it was because the title was shown next to a newly released picture of Daisy Ridley as Rey, but my first thought was oh crap, this is really going to feed into those Rey-is-a-Skywalker theories and give them a lot of support. But like I always say, to each their own, no one sees Star Wars the same way as any other fan and for all we know, this could be the case — but for me, I personally do not want our heroine to be a lost daughter of the Skywalker line, it just doesn’t make sense at this point and it serves no point now that both possible fathers, Han and Luke, are dead.

If this young girl we have come to care so much about has spent her whole life waiting to be reunited with the family that abandoned her as a child only to met the two men that might be her father and neither of them acknowledge her before they die, that just seems pretty harsh. So in all honesty, my first thought was not the most positive. But upon taking a few minutes to calm down and reflect on the title as a piece of the whole saga and not just the sequel trilogy, I found great joy in the thought that this reveal was leading us not only back to Luke, but back to Anakin and Shmi, the first Skywalkers known in our galaxy far, far away. The title may have nothing to do with Rey other than the site I was looking at placed her picture next to the title card. For the last eight movies leading up to this epic finale, we have watched our Skywalker heroes lose themselves to the darkness in one form or another: Vader falls to the darkside because of fate and love, Luke abandons the galaxy after unleashing the next wave of evil because of fear, guilt, and judgement, and Kylo Ren turns to it to survive in a world where even his own family wants him dead because of the mere possibility of what he may do in the future.

Each one of our Skywalker men have fallen, each one has tasted darkness and death in the Force’s pursuit of righting itself, but now it is time for them to rise, to become the heroes we know they can be. The Force called upon Anakin to be the greatest darkness borne from the greatest light, and now I think it’s balancing itself by calling upon Kylo to become the greatest light borne from the greatest darkness. The Skywalker line had a hero taken from them to enact a terrible fate upon the galaxy, but now they will have one restored to them to bring the balance back into all things.

Which leads me on to the trailer itself… which ends not only with the maniacal cackling of Emperor Palpatine himself (OMFG am I right!) but also with Kylo Ren’s thematic music playing as the title reveals itself. Only this time the key has changed and the notes end not with the boom of death but with a triumphant ring that leaves me filled with so much hope!!! Music tells the story of Star Wars just as much as the actors, the script, the setting, or the color palates, it evokes our senses in the most primal way and makes the story and it’s characters so completely real to us in a way that nothing else can. When we hear the Force’s theme we know magic is real and that we are a part of something much bigger than ourselves. Anakin’s speaks of tragedy, first love, and the inescapability of fate while Han and Leia’s embodies romance and possibility and a lover’s spat. We know these characters and their place in the story by the music that surrounds them, and until now Kylo’s theme has been a projection of quicksilver temperament and descisive darkness, but upon the proclamation that the Skywalkers will rise, his theme turns victorious and bright, triumphant at last! To me this signals that the family I’ve known and loved all my life will find their way back into the light. We may finally get the see Ben Solo become the man that Anakin Skywalker never got to be.

Next up is the backflip seen round the world, and let me just say, I was sitting in my back room at work attempting to eat lunch and ended up shrieking out loud when I first saw this!!! Rey from Nowhere is one badass heroine, a fact she’s proven time and again in this sequel trilogy, but NEVER IN ALL MY LIFE HAVE I SEEN SOMEONE BACKFLIP ONTO A MOVING TIE-FIGHTER WITH A BLAZING LIGHTSABER IN HAND AND I AM SHOOK!!!  I never knew I needed that in my life but apparently I was mistaken because that scene is LIFE! With a tie-fighter screaming it’s approach, Rey ignites the legacy saber and looks over her shoulder as if to say, Now, I am ready before sprinting dead ahead of the deadly craft and throwing herself in the air, presumably to land on the top of the fighter itself. We don’t see the face of the pilot but at this point we know those black gloves well and it’s easy to assume that it’s our Skywalker/Solo son racing towards Rey in this heart-stopping feat and I could not be happier! It looks like after all this time, our two next-gen’s are finally working together, training in the desert for whatever battle lies ahead and if Rey come into the finale fight atop a screaming tie-fighter in all her raging glory then I may just pass the f*ck out! The films have said time and again that Rey needs a teacher and considering the ship was only advancing on her and not firing, I see this as some epic training happening at last and I am here for it! Kylo Ren is the heir of two of the galaxies best pilots ever known and Rey is the burning light and ferocity of the desert itself. Together they will be unstoppable!!!

The rest of the trailer goes by in quick flashes but we see a misty blue planet ringed with mountains and clouds that just screams Alderaan-before-it’s-destruction to me so I am hella excited to see what exactly this place is! There’s also a shot of Kylo’s mask being reforged with searing red lines by some rather hairy hands — which makes me wonder if it’s Chewie’s handiwork here, the reintroduction of our favorite charmer and old smoothie Lando Calrissian (or Unca Wanwo to Ben) who I am hoping to see interact with Kylo/Ben in some fashion. Of all people in the Star Wars universe, Lando knows how it feels to betray those you love and care for, Han Solo in particular, and find your way back to honor and a good life. Ben will need him as an example and Lando will finally have someone who understands his past actions.

Kylo also fights unmasked in a red-tinged scene, troopers at his side, and I find myself wondering what side they’re fighting for? I firmly believe the troopers will switch sides, that they will follow Finn’s lead and find the humanity inside them that the First Order tried to snuff out and will rise up in revolt, and how badass would it be to have Kylo lead them away from the Order as they all decide to find Rey and the Resistance!! Again, this is all strictly theory at this point, but it’s the way I see things and the direction I want the storytellers to follow 😀 Finn and Poe look dashing as ever and I’m so happy to see this film reunite this pair and I cannot wait to see what shenanigans they get up to as the film progresses! BB-8 also has a new little buddy who makes a quick appearance, D-0 (hoping that’s spelled right) who looks like a one-wheeled, cone-headed rubber ducky with the face of a hair-dryer and I must find him on a t-shirt quickly because he’s too freaking adorable for words! I had high hopes for BB-8 and BB-9E being lightside/darkside besties and so far those haven’t been fulfilled so by-thunder BB needs a bestie already and D-0 won my heart in two seconds flat!

We also see Leia (!!!) not only hugging Rey, but holding the medal she awarded Han after the battle of Yavin in A New Hope — excuse me while I sob my eyes out —  and then finally our heroes approach the watery remains of what appears to be the fallen Death Star! That’s right people, THE DEATH STAR ITSELF RETURNS!!!  I cannot express how eerie and unexpected and heart-pounding seeing this onscreen was for me, and it really just drives home the point that we are going back to the beginning, back to the original great evil in the galaxy: Darth Sidious himself, and I hope beyond hope that this time when our heroes face him they will face him with not only Ben Solo, but his grandfather Anakin Skywalker (as a Force Ghost of course) at their side. Anakin and Ben had their choices taken from them in one fashion or another, and now they need to be allowed to become the men that they always should have been. Great light and great darkness combined, Skywalkers rising at last.

And there you have it my fellow SW fans, my take and analysis of the newly released teaser trailer for Star Wars episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker! What did you guys think of the trailer and what theories did it inspire in you? I’ve seen people mentioning the return of the Senate but I must have missed it somehow so if you see what they’re talking about please let me know because I hate missing something so crucial! Was there anything else big I missed, if so please let me know in the comments because I love discussing this stuff with you all and I am just so excited for this release of new info! Hope you guys have an awesome weekend and I’ll talk to you again soon!

But before I go here’s a bonus picture of the new character (not seen in the trailer) Jannah!!! She looks freaking epic does she not!!!


One thought on “Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker Teaser Trailer Breakdown!!!

  1. First of all, thank you for the analysis, I agree with almost all of it. 🙂 I find the title very fitting, since we already had a “revenge” and a “return” as third instalments of the trilogies, so “rise” is adequate. It announces some kind of reckoning.
    The third instalment is also always the one where the actual protagonist (Anakin / Luke / Ben) finally becomes the central figure, accepting his fate for better or for worse. So it confirms that the sequel trilogy is Ben’s story as the last of the Skywalker blood, and not Rey’s.
    “Rei” in Japanese means “zero” and I know a few anime figures named so who had no family or were not acknowledged by it; so frankly, it was always clear to me that Rey is a nobody. I don’t need her to be Luke’s secret daughter. Rey is fine the way she is, struggling her way out of nowhere and with almost nothing but her own ingenuity. At the same time, she’s the fresh blood and new blow of wind the Skywalker family may need to finally rise to its intended greatness.
    There were so many hints that she’s a nobody besides the name – Maz Kanata knew, Kylo read it in her mind and made her accept the truth in the throne room scene, neither Han nor Luke recognized or acknowledged her. How would Luke have a child and not know, or abandon her?? (Vader didn’t recognize his children because his power was controlled by the Emperor.) And the broom boy at the end of TLJ shows us that anyone can be a Force user, you don’t necessarily inherit the ability. Who still believes that she’s a Skywalker now is only prey to his own wishful thinking if you ask me.
    Anyway, my husband was ecstatic on seeing the ruins of the fallen Death Star and on hearing that the Emperor is back. A real villain again at last, he said. 🙂 Well, I’m very excited.


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