Let me begin by saying… I LOVE Star Wars. There I said it. #Reylo #GalaxyFarFarAway #PleaseGiveUsAKenobiFilm

But wait, there’s more! I also love Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Outlander, BBC Dramas and Period pieces, MCU films (OH MY DEAR GOD, CAN WE JUST TALK ABOUT INFINITY WAR FOR A SECOND!), waaaayyyy too many books to list, fairy tales in all their glorious forms, and of course dramatic, bombastic, and WAYYYY over the top Broadway musicals! Still with me? Good, because we’ve got stuff to talk about!

So hello my lovelies and fellow fandom fans, I’m Tara and I’ll be your tour-guide/ randomly too-excited voice in your head while we traverse, galaxies, Hogwarts houses, Faerie Realms, and so, so much more on this crazy whirlwind ride. #SlytherinPride 😀

To those that know me as Moonstonemaiden (hi guys!!!), just a head’s up, we’ll be doing things a bit differently here on Whimsical Mutterings. We’ll be less focused on the theory and how-to’s of writing, and more focused on the incredibly important minutiae of my favorite characters/plots/outfits/songs and all that good stuff I just love to talk about!

So let’s get to it, I’ve got lists to make and things to rate!

(And if  you guys have any topics or specific fandom you’d like to see me cover, just let me know in the comments!)