The Star Wars Women We Need More Of!!!

I don’t know about you, my starfighters, but I love me some Star Wars! Shocking I know but can you blame me?! There’s epic space battles, heart-melting romance, mystical forces, and characters that exist so vividly that they almost literally leap off the screen!!! You tell me Obi-Wan Kenobi doesn’t actually exist somewhere out in the cosmos and I’m sorry but we can’t be friends, I don’t need that kind of negativity in my life 😉

But seriously, we get so many wonderfully rich, multi-faceted characters from the series and for me as a writer, I appreciate just how “real” they feel. This doesn’t happen with just every story, it takes a certain something extra for characters to truly come alive outside their films or books and I think it’s because they (the Luscasfilm/SW writers) really take the time to flesh characters out. Real people have motivations for everything they do, there are always precedents inspiring their reactions and actions, and perhaps most importantly, no one stays the same their whole life, people are never the same person they were more than once, and SW displays that beautifully (Luke in TLJ). It’s inspiring to see such a well-crafted universe filled with so many diverse characters, and with the books and animated shows (which I fully admit, I’m not completely caught up on yet) they just keep adding to this amazing lexicon.

There’s always a million off-shoot stories I want to see and characters we encounter that I want to follow further, but for today I want to focus on the ladies of Star Wars that I think need more screen/book/etc. time. I’m going to exclude Leia and Rey from this just because I understand we won’t get much more Rey content until the sequel trilogy is finished, and because over the past few years we’ve already been given some awesome new Leia content! So, let’s get to it shall we!

1) Ciena Ree — The female protagonist from Claudia Gray’s Lost Stars, Ciena is such an eye-opening character in so many ways. From the planet Jelucan, Ciena is a woman whose life is dictated by honor and the demands of keeping her word. She begins as a little girl with a dream to pilot the greatest ships in the galaxy and through that desire, leads us first-hand into the life of an Imperial Officer. I always wondered what kind of person would willingly work in such a horrid place as the Death Star, what would make someone think that what they were doing was acceptable? And following Ciena’s story, it opened my eyes to how many good people were manipulated into such a life. We see as she rejects the idea of the Empire doing any wrong because it conflicts with her upbringing of honor above all, we watch as she rationalizes the horrors around her, then finally as she accepts that the organization she’s pledged her life to, staked her life’s honor on, IS the great evil in the galaxy. And I have some interesting ideas on how she can easily enter the SW films themselves… but that’s another post entirely!

2) Kendy Idele — A delightful emerald-haired addition in the Lost Stars novel by Claudia Gray, Kendy is originally an Imperial cadet/officer during Palpatine’s reign but after the introduction of the Death Star and the evils she witnesses first hand she heroically switches side and joins the Rebel Alliance! She’s a sharpshooter extraordinaire and X-Wing pilot with the Corona Squadron whose hatred for the Empire rings with such emotional-comprehension that I would just love to see her again in perhaps a novel of her own.

3) Greer Sonnel — Introduced to us as the enigmatic personal assistant to Senator Leia Organa, Greer immediately caught my attention in Claudia Gray’s epic novel Bloodline. There was just something about her that stuck out to me as I was reading, something that I couldn’t put my finger on… She was competent, intelligent, and oddly uncomfortable in the life she was living. For a moment I thought she might be a spy for the upcoming First Order, but then we’re given more of her backstory and we learn that Greer’s story is a little more tragic than espionage-filled.  An up and coming young pilot, Greer developed a rare disease that literally made the thing she trained her whole life for — what she wanted most in the galaxy — the thing that was going to kill her. Han Solo himself (her mentor/friend) asked Leia to take her in and although she knows flying will one day kill her, Greer can’t help but yearn for the one thing that makes her feel most alive. In the end, she chooses to help Leia rebuild the resistance, knowing that once again, evil was stretching across the galaxy. Greer deserves a solo book of her own — perhaps with a dash of romance with her fellow pilot Joph Seastricker! — her tale has the potential to be emotionally devastating: a fierce, intelligent woman who chooses to fight for the greater good, despite knowing that each time she sits in the cockpit she is closer and closer to death!

4) Amilyn Holdo — Introduced to most in The Last Jedi, Holdo actually makes her first appearance in Claudia Gray’s Leia, Princess of Alderaan where she admittedly is the odd one out in sixteen-year old Leia’s new crop of companions on her journey to being named the crown princess of Alderaan. As much as I enjoyed the strong, self-sacrificing woman Holdo became in TLJ, it’s her character in Leia, POA that really struck me as fascinating. Amilyn is someone who knows her own mind and doesn’t feel like she has to explain herself to those around her, she makes wild, often unsettling statements that have an uncanny habit of coming true later in the story. She sees things in a way that Leia (and myself as the reader) cannot comprehend and most of the time she just seems flat-out weird, a kind person perhaps, but definitely strange. But in reality there’s a next-level intelligence bursting from Holdo that I don’t think she knows how to communicate yet, but then again, I don’t think she feels like she has to explain herself, other people will catch up to her eventually (for example her not telling Poe about Crait). And she’s one of the most loyal, brave friends that Leia ever encounters, not only risking her life to help her friend, but standing by her side when Leia faces her first devastating loss. Amilyn teaches Leia how to find and center herself amidst suffocating depression and this is the Holdo I want to see more of!

5) Breha Organa — The Queen of Alderaan herself people! Leia’s adoptive mother was briefly seen in the closing scenes of Revenge of the Sith and is seen more frequently in Leia, Princess of Alderaan, but there is so much more I want to know about the woman that shaped Leia into the feisty, hero that she is! What was it like for her to raise the daughter of a woman she most likely had met, or at least was a friend of her husband’s? What was it like to know that her child was the offspring of another Queen and a Jedi, the unknown daughter of Vader herself? The fear she must have felt knowing that Palpatine and Vader were out there in the same galaxy as Leia… it makes my heart shudder thinking about it. In POA she mentions that she nearly died while completing her own tasks to be named crown princess of Alderaan, I’d love a narrative of this, or of her and Bail’s courtship in the time before the Galactic Civil War. There’s just so much that can be written about Breha and I think the world deserves to hear more about this epic Queen who defied an evil Emperor!

6) Qi’ra —  Introduced to us in Solo: A Star Wars Movie and in the book Most Wanted by Rae Carson, Qi’ra is the literal definition of an enigma! She’s street-smart, confident, and hyper intelligent, but that’s really about all we know! There’s such a big chunk of time between Most Wanted and the opening scene of Solo, and again between when Han and her get separated and reunited in Solo in which sooooo much obviously happens, and we know the result but not the reasons why she does what she does and chooses what she chooses. Obviously her relationship with Han is fascinating, but I feel like it’s  completely unfinished at the moment and there is more to tell there before he goes and his own way and meets Leia. I have a hard time imagining Han letting go of her so easily, so we definitely need to see what she’s doing with Maul. Whether she comes back in a sequel to Solo (which I would LOVE), or we get a book in her perspective, we need information about this epic new character!

7) Shmi Skywalker — This is the Skywalker woman we need to know more about! Shmi was the original driving force behind Anakin’s teetering to the dark side, his absolute love and devotion to her lead him down a shadowy path when she was taken from him, and I feel like there is so much we can learn from her. What was her life like before Anakin, what was her mental state when she realized what was happening to her (the pregnancy), and what were those early years with just her and Ani like? Did she sense Ani’s potential for great emotion, or wonder if that could ever go wrong? I mean, we have here one of the strongest, most capable mother’s in the Star Wars universe, and we just don’t get enough of her! Personally I would like to see her impact her great-grandson in some way, whether she comes to him in a dream, or like Rey, Ben touches something that holds memories of her and he sees her for the first time. Shmi just embodies steadiness and love and that’s what Kylo/Ben needs!

8) Padme Amidala — Last but certainly not least in my perspective, we are dire need for more Padme in the Star Wars universe! I know she was featured on the Clone Wars television show, but I haven’t seen much of it and what I have seen (while wonderful) still has her as a more secondary character. I’d love to see her get some novels of her own much like Leia, (Come on Claudia Gray, I’m counting on you!!!). Whether we go back to her early years before she was queen, or right after TPM, or those few precious years she and Anakin shared together there is just so much that can be explored. Padme is a strong, intelligent, brave woman and her impact on the galaxy is still felt now in the sequel trilogy. You can see her in Leia, in Ben even, and it’s such a missed opportunity not to see her again. (Yes, I’ve seen that she’s going to be in the new Thrawn novel, but against, that’s someone else’s book, not her own!) Bring back Padme, the Senator, the Queen, the lover of the Chosen One, and the Mother of the future of the galaxy!

And there you have it my starfighters, the women of Star Wars that we DESPERATELY NEED MORE OF!!! Were there any that I missed, any that I might have overlooked? Who’s your favorite of the SW ladies? Let me know in the comments! And remember: may the force be with you!