Top 5 Magical Creatures in Harry Potter

Wands at the ready my fellow Hogwarts alums, today we’re venturing into the magical world of Harry Potter! Don’t forget to wave hi to the Giant Squid as we pass by!

Harry and I literally grew up together over the years, we both turned eleven in the first book and ventured off to Hogwarts together and seventeen when the final one was released and Harry finally vanquished Voldemort and his vile Death-Eaters. It’s difficult to put into coherent words all that Harry and his friends mean to me, they opened my young world to so many ideas and beliefs that shaped the woman I’ve become and for that I say a sincere Thank You to Harry, Ron, Hermione, and all the characters that grew up right alongside me. Thank you for bringing me along on your epic adventures, I enjoyed every minute (even when I was sobbing my eyes out…I’m looking at you Sirius Black!).

And throughout this unbelievable journey, we stumbled across many a magical creature that sprang to life so vividly I cannot picture my world without them. House-elves, dragons, mermaids, grindylows, boggarts, unicorns, centaurs, blast-ended skrewts… Creatures both friendly and not so friendly, helpful and admittedly even terrifying. I mean, who didn’t break into a cold sweat the first time we met Aragog?! Or melt when we learned the heartbreaking truth about thestrals?! And honestly, who didn’t think Hermione needed to lay off the S.P.E.W bit because she was starting to piss off the House-elves?! I mean these creatures were just as important to us as the human characters were and they deserve to be recognized!

So while it was definitely hard narrowing it down to only five, here are my favorite magical creatures from the extraordinary world of Harry Potter:

1) Niffler — Hands down the Niffler is one of the best creatures in the HP world, they’re basically sparkly-seeking ferrets! The Niffler in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them literally made that movie, he was just so darn adorable! The epitome of IDGAF mentality at its finest. You go little dude, you live your best life. I truly hope he gets all the tiaras and jewels his little heart desires!

2) Pickett — This little bowtruckle is downright sassy! Sure he helps free Newt before he and Tina are killed by MACUSA, but man can he hold a little grudge 😂 Nearly “fake-traded” away to secure vital information, Pickett doesn’t hesitate to show his displeasure by blowing the sassiest raspberry ever!

3) Buckbeak — Hippogriffs are my type of creatures: haughty, prideful, they know their worth and won’t be disrespected by anyone or anything and Buckbeak is no different. He stands up for himself, he takes care of business, and at the end of the day he taught us about the everyday injustices that are found in the world.

4) Hedwig — Talk about BFF’s, Hedwig was the original! She stayed by Harry’s side through thick and thin and even suffered through summers at the Dursleys (where she was sometimes literally incarcerated in her own cage for long periods of time may I remind you). She loved Harry just as much as we did and in the end she gave her life to protect him during the Battle of the Seven Potters. What did we ever do to deserve someone like Hedwig?! Here come the water-works…

5) Dobby — Talk about a glow-up, Dobby went from being a well-meaning but wildly hazardous nuisance, to a trusted friend with a eccentric sock collection, to ultimately one of the most brave and loving friends that Harry Potter ever encountered. We laughed when he dropped the trifle on that unfortunate woman’s head, we sympathized when he tried to help his friend Winky through her butterbeer problem, and we BAWLED OUR EYES OUT when he died doing the one thing that made him happiest in the world, saving his truest friend, Harry Potter. Excuse me… I just … I just need a moment….😭😭😭

Ok, ok, I’m good I swear. I’m not crying, you’re crying! So what did you think of my choices for best magical creatures in the Harry Potter universe? Are there any you would sub in, because I admit it was hella hard narrowing it down to just five! Let me know your top 5 in the comments below and I’ll see you next time my fellow fandom fans. And remember: Dobby was a free elf!