Fandom Favorites: Who Talks First

Hello again my fellow fandom fans! I figured after Monday’s revelatory post (ya know…where we discussed Kylo Ren being a Hufflepuff and all) we’d take it a little easier today and I could think of no better way to chill out and celebrate the middle of the week than to share one of my all-time favorite groups from the Star Wars community with you… so welcome to the first installment of Fandom Favorites! This will be an ongoing installment because there are seriously SO many amazing members of the SW fandom and they deserve to be celebrated for being so awesome! Each new Fandom Favorite post will feature at least one of my favorite artists/podcasters/YouTubers, writers etc. etc. that make up this epic Star Wars Fandom. So, without further ado, let’s get to it shall we!

Up first is my all-time favorite Star Wars peoples: CT and Solo from Who Talks First: A Mostly Star Wars Podcast (aka The Knights of Rant)!

Now I’ve been a Star Wars fan since birth but when I first started delving into the sequel trilogy and the Reylo fandom, it was a YouTube video by CT that really caught my attention and made me question everything I thought I knew about Rey from Nowhere and the mysterious, brooding Kylo Ren. The way she explained their bond after TFA and the then-possible reasons behind it, made perfect sense and because I was new to the whole “Reylo” thing and unsure of how I felt about it myself, she really set the tone for an intelligent and intriguing intro into the sequel/Reylo aspect of the Star Wars fandom. I was so grateful that she was brave enough to post these things that I was quietly wondering about myself, especially since this was well before The Last Jedi and all the canon Rey/Kylo force connections.

What started out as a smattering of Star Wars videos then became the Knights of Rant channel, followed quickly by the Who Talks First podcast, and with each new video and podcast their content just kept getting better and better. I was instantly hooked! CT knows her SW lore and has such a great grasp of what Star Wars really means and what it encompasses, and Solo has some of the best observations and opinions on literally everything. It’s so refreshing and insightful to hear the opinions of someone who is relatively new to the Star Wars game because she sees things that the rest of us miss when we can’t step far enough away from the picture as a whole. And did I mention how hilarious they are?! Seriously, there is never a time I don’t end up smiling or literally laughing out loud (as my co-workers can attest) just listening to their stories and ideas. From piecing together the intricacies of canon lore to crazy mad-dash Force Friday shopping sessions, they take you on one wickedly wild and fun Star Wars ride after another!

So, if you’re ever in the mood for a hilarious but incredibly thought-provoking look at the Star Wars universe (with an emphasis on the sequel trilogy) definitely check out Who Talks First on YouTube, SoundCloud, and iTunes (links below)! And as added bonuses, check out CT’s Esty store Squadron Goals for some of the cutest SW merch you will ever find as well as Solo’s second podcast We Could Be Heroes, an epically fun D&D channel!

And, there you have it guys, the first of many Fandom Favorites to come and I’m so happy to start this thing off with my all-time favorite Star Wars group! I’d like to say a big thank you to CT and Solo for all the fun and happiness you’ve brought my way and for all the time and energy you put into making Who Talks First as amazing as it is! You guys genuinely make the waits between films easier and the fandom an all-around nicer place to be!

What about you guys, are you Who Talks First fans? Do you laugh as loudly as I do every time you listen to them?! Who are some of your favorite members of the Star Wars fandom? Make sure to let me know in the comments below so I can check them out too!

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